Curated by Jova Lynne, Ford Curatorial Fellow

Useless Utility is an exhibition that examines how post-industrialization has impacted sites of labor and domesticity–and shaped the practice of regional artists. Participating regional artists, James Benjamin Franklin, Tyanna Buie, Iris Eichenberg, Osman Khan, Tiff Massey, and Tony Rave create work that speaks to the material legacy of the local area. Useless Utility examines the notion of the artist as an innovator on the frontier of material-use and modalities for production. Their work encourages us to speculate on the future of industry, domesticity, as well as the creation of personal space to build an archive of this time from which future generations can draw from. Useless Utility explores how the lack of manipulation of function in everyday objects impacts the interpretation of the self, regional culture, and societal standards through the lens of contemporary art.

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
4454 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48201