Opening Reception: 10 August, 1 - 4PM
Viewing Hours: Monday & Friday 12 - 4PM, Saturday 12 - 3PM & by appointment

10 August — 21 September, 2024

2233 S. Throop, #920
Chicago, IL 60608

cam.contemporarie presents, Revisionist History, the first solo exhibition in Chicago by Milwaukee/Providence based artist, Tyanna Buie. Revisionist History features works appropriated and reappropriated from 17th Century Dutch engraved portraits of political leaders. In collaboration with ChatGPT, their history and stories are rewritten and reimagined as a triumphant narrative that considers the irreparable geographical and socio ecological ramifications of colonialism.

With an acknowledgement of Afro-Futurism, the use of technology enables Buie to consider alternate inclusive versions of the world where the invisible is made visible. Through the use of video, print media, painting, drawing, collage, screen-printing, and Deep-Fake technology constructed from excerpts derived from social media and Black popular cultural platforms, Buie alters the images to reflect the contemporary condition. Using accessible tools such as smartphone applications like ReFace, she constructs an intersectional identity between self-portraiture, personal narrative, family history, pop-culture, Black cultural significant moments, social movements. This process of questioning authorship allows Buie to challenge her personal history through the retelling of past and current events, while remaking images, sound, and text to reimagine the future.