Public Art > From the Estate - Saint Kate Arts Hotel - 2019

Part of Saint Kate Arts Hotel Permanent Art Seed Collection
"From the Estate" is a site specific piece, created in the summer of 2019.

Images derived from my mother’s most-prized adornments of faux jewelry pieces, are used to symbolize and address the correlation of one’s objects of affection, and their connection to the inanimate. From the Estate, is a portrait and study of my mother through her curated heirlooms, as well as my own memory of longing for her and her possessions while in the foster care system as an adolescent during her absence throughout my life.

Despite the quality of the jewelry, some pieces missing with broken gems, and tarnishing metal, my mother is still able to find the beauty and the value in these pieces by continuously safeguarding them, in-turn, creating a family ritual of where these tangible objects can then serve as an anchor to keep a fragmented family connected.

-Tyanna Buie